Piedmont Garden Club was founded in 1923 by Mrs. C. G. Clay, and its first president was Mrs. Arthur Tasheira. A year later, through Mrs. Clay’s daughter, a member of the Rumson Garden Club of New Jersey, Piedmont Garden Club was proposed for membership in Garden Club of America, and on March 2, 1926, it was announced that Piedmont Garden Club had been accepted as a member club. Piedmont Garden Club was the first Bay Area club to become a member of Garden Club of America.

Piedmont Garden Club was incorporated on March 14, 1983. It was granted tax-deductible status as of the date of incorporation.

Over the years, Piedmont Garden Club has varied its activities from a contribution for mosquito control in Piedmont to assistance in the replanting of the gardens destroyed in the 1923 Berkeley Fire to formation of Piedmont Beautification Foundation. More recently, Piedmont Garden Club has assisted in the restoration of the Piedmont Springs Creek and the renovation of Piedmont Main Park. (See PGC “Civic Projects1923-2005 for complete list of activities.)

Present and future plans revolve around the maintenance of current projects and the development of others in the fields of conservation, horticulture and beautification, and education of members and the public in these areas.


                                                 PIEDMONT GARDEN CLUB CIVIC PROJECTS


he Piedmont Garden Club and the Piedmont Beautification Foundation projects are, in many cases, joint endeavors of both groups working together as volunteer and financial participants.
Flowers sent to National Leagues for Women’s Services, S.F. (1923)
Plants and bulbs for replanting gardens destroyed in the Berkeley fire. (1923)
Working for the removal of power poles and undergrounding the wires in Piedmont Civic Center, which was successful. (1924-1929)    
Sidewalk tree planting started at Highland and Guilford Road and extending down into the Park. (1924)
Lighting the Christmas tree at Mountain and Bellevue Avenues. (1924)                                                                                                       
Instrumental in forming Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District. (1926-1929)                                                                               
Poppies and Lupine planted at the Key Route Mall. (1927)
Support for the committee: “Restriction of Outdoor Advertising.” (1928, 1939, 1940)
Assisted in establishing wildflower sanctuary for Alameda County Wildflowers in lower area of Piedmont Park. (1932)                           
ln celebration of the Bicentennial of George Washington’s Birthday, 17 Japanese cherry trees were planted at the entrance to the Community Center in Piedmont Park. (1932)
Plantings of park area at Guilford Road and street car tracks above the Community Hall on Highland.  (1933)                                        
Established “Nature Work” in Piedmont schools (books library and sent teachers to the Nature School in Santa Barbara). (1933-1940)   
Replanted War Memorial Cedars.  (1933)
Representation on Citizen Committee which resulted in Oakland City Ordinance making outdoor advertising illegal within 1,000 feet of the approaches to Oakland-S.F. Bay Bridge. (1936)
Street tree plan and planting, 1000 trees planted on 21 different streets.  (1936-1938)                                                                          
Redesigned Crocker Park paths and steps. (1938)
Funded planting one of the courts in the grounds of Yerba Buena Club at the Panama Pacific Exposition on Treasure Island.  (1938)      
Exedra Maintenance and landscaping.  (1938, 1984, 1987)
Exhibited California Spring Flower Show.  (1941, 1948)                                                                                                                             
Contributed to Garden Club of America British Relief Fund. (1941)                                                                                                             
Mrs. Everett Brown, Defense Chairman of the Garden Club, planned and planted hospital and chapel areas of Camp Roberts, Mather Field, Fort Ord, Camp Knight, Camp Stoneman, Treasure Island, and Oakland area Army Hospital.   (1942)                                          
Red Cross Army Camp Planting Project.  (1942)
Red Cross Disaster Fund.  (1942)
Donation to Kings Daughters Home for plaque and planting designed by Julia Morgan honoring Mrs. C. G. Clay, founder and honorary PGCPresident.   (1942)    Maintenance.   (1958)                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Clinton Walker was in charge of furnishing 52 recreation rooms at military camps in our area.  (1942)                                             
Victory Gardens planted in vacant lots and demonstration classes given in City Hall Plaza   (1942)                                                           
Representatives were in charge of: war time Hospitality House in Oakland, production Work Room of Red Cross of Piedmont Community Church, Christmas decorations and gifts to Camp Knight and Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, and Christmas lights and gifts to 38 wards at Camp Stoneman.  (1942-1948) 
Flower service Oak Knoll Naval Hospital.   (1942-1948)                                                                                                                 
Donated to National Tribute Grove which was in remembrance of, and honoring all Piedmont Citizens who joined the armed services.    (1946)
Topsoil for new lawn at Piedmont Park across from the stores, and plantings bordering the new lawn.  (1949)                                         
Topsoil for new lawn facing Magnolia.  (1952)
Planted Redwood Court, Piedmont Community Church. (1951)                                                                                                                    
Cherry trees planted in parking area of Guilford Road and Piedmont Park, also added to those planted in 1923 along the path from Highland and Guilford Road into Piedmont Park.  (1951)
Gift for planting trees, shrubs, Lincoln Home.  (1952-1953)                                                                                                       
Gift to City-Planting to screen Girls’ Playing Field at Piedmont High School.  (1952)                                                                         
Litter Bug Project.   (1954, 1961)                                                                                                                                                                   
Gift for planting Vista and Bonita frontage of Haven’s school.  (1954)
Bus Stop Benches.  (1958)
Topsoil and plan for proposed planting the new Veterans Building.  (1954)
Highland-Guilford Road Bus Shelter.  (1959)  Redone   (1984)  
Advisor to City Beautification Program.  (1955)
Funds to plant flowering trees in Lakeside Park, Oak1and.  (1956)
California Spring Garden Home Show entry.   (1957 - 1965)                                                                                                                     
Gift to the Building Fund, East Bay Garden Center  (1958)
Containers planted in front of the Piedmont stores. (1959)
40 Chestnut trees planted and an aggregate curb strip put in front of the Community Hall. (1962)
Piedmont Street Tree Council-Pruning  Program  (1961)
Improvements to Community Hall.  (1962)
Re-landscaped “Cherry Lane” adjacent to Community Hall.  (1963) Maintenance.  (1980)                                                     
Founded Piedmont Beautification Foundation.  (1964)
Anti Litter Campaign.  (1965, 1966. 1971)
Hall Fenway planted.  (1965)
Community Hall Improvements.  (1962)
Community Center steps, brick walls, brick circle, and landscaping.  (1967)
Maintenance of garden at Community Center.    (1980-1983)                                                                                                                    
Sprinkler system at Community Center.  (1983)
Pruning and maintenance for Community Center gardens.  (1986)
Projection screen for Community Center .  (1992)
Lighting cherry walk and Community Hall Won “Illuminating Engineer’s Society Award.”  (1968)
Restoration and reactivating lighting of the Tea House and Community Hall.  (1986)
Helped in re-landscaping of Crocker Park.  (1973)
Veterans Building Clock (PGC 50th Anniversary)   (1973)
Bicentennial Gift-Deck to Japanese Tea House .  (1973)
Tea House Renovation.  (1983-1984)                                                                                                                                              
Dracena Park Landscaping and Play Structure.  (1979)
Magnolia-Highland traffic island planted.   (1983, 1986)    
Main Park-Guilford Road- Rhododendron bed, maintenance and planting.  (1983-1985, 1988-1989)
Caperton-St Island planted.   (1983, 1987, 1988)
Plant material and maintenance of containers at the Civic Center.   (1987)
Main Park Renovation Committee Representation  (1988)
Main Park-Park Entrance/Bus Shelter and Gardens.  (1989)
Main Park-Park Entrance/Bus Shelter Landscape Plan for extension of garden and planting under the Deodar tree. (1990)
Caperton Mini Park Re-landscaping.  (1986)
Highland Avenue Bus Stop aggregate bench.  (1984)
Main Park-Tea House area pine tree pruning.  (1985)
Main Park-clean up work days.  (1988)
Main Park Exedra-Re-landscaping, Wisteria pruning and maintenance.  (1987, 1990-1993)                                                          
Bicentennial of the Constitution-Rock Wall and Oaks.  (1988)
Civic Center Landscaping Project.  (1987)
Biennial Flower and Horticultural Shows.
One-half the fee for grant application to Hardesty & Associates for Piedmont Springs Creek Restoration-A co-sponsor with the City of Piedmont for 1989, 1990, 1991-Resulted in Urban Stream Renovation grants received from California Department State Dept. of Water Resources for those years.
Wildwood/Nova Triangle- Park bench.  (1990)
Community Hall - “Piedmont Park Glen” watercolor by Cherie S. Pettit.  (1992)
Community Hall-Two courtyard entry planters for their plantings.  (1993)
Main Park - Overlook Triangle Garden.  (1992) Garden extension. (1993)
Main Park-Piedmont Springs Creek Riparian Fern Planting.  (1993)
Community Hall Circle replanting.  (1994)
Two Venetian Fluted Urns, placed on conso1e tables in Community Hall.  (1994)
Main Park Exedra - Pruning of wisteria and boxwood.   (1994-1995)  
Pruning of wisteria - Bus Shelter, Main Park.  (1994)
Plant material and supplies for Plant Propagation project in Piedmont’s elementary schools.  (1994, 1995)                                               
Plantings for two courtyard entry planters at Piedmont Community Hall.  (1995)
Main Park Exedra-Pruning of wisteria.  (1995)
Main Park Bus Shelter-Pruning of wisteria.  (1995)
Main Park-12 Hanging Baskets.  (1996)
Exedra-Purchased plant material to complete landscaping.  (1997)
Plant material purchased for Tea House.   (1997)
Main Park- Irrigation for Hanging Baskets.   (1997)
Planted Hanging Baskets - Main Park   (1998)
Plantings in Pots for Wildwood School Patio  (1998)
Planted Hanging Baskets - Main Park   (1999)
Plant material purchased for Tea House  (1999)
Planted area adjacent to Tea House   (1999)
Planted Hanging Baskets - Main Park   (2000)
Plant material purchased & planted at Tea House   (2000)
Planted Hanging Baskets - MainPark   (2001)
Exedra Park Project- funding/planting  (2001)
Planting Hanging Baskets - Main Park  (2002)
Exedra Park Project- completion in November  (2002)
Planted Hanging Baskets - Main Park  (2003)
Lighting of Exedra Park oak tree- funding/planning   (2003)
Dracena Park - Children’s Play Structures – fundraising   (2003)
Exedra Park Plaza - staircase lighting  (2004)
Drains to the Bay (2005)
Centennial Signs for Piedmont Park & Beach School Edibles Garden (2006)

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